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Indonesia Corporate Secretary Association (ICSA)


The Indonesia Corporate Secretary Association (ICSA) was founded in 2008, and it has the objective to improve the skill and knowledge of Corporate Secretary, becomes the initiator of good corporate governance in Indonesia and a strategic partner for Self Regulatory Organization and Capital Market Supervisory Agency.

ICSA also provides a forum for information exchange among member and other business professions in promoting good corporate governance in indonesia capital market.

Its role and its position are initiated by Capital Market Supervisory Agency's regulation No. IX.I.4, that corporate secretary will act as an compliance officer, intermediary, communicator, between the company and the public, investor or regulator. Therefore Corporate Secretary should understand and follow the development of capital market regulations, promote transparency, accountability, responsibility, fairness and simultaneously provide advise to the management to comply with the provisions of Law No. 8 of 1995 concerning Capital Market and its implementing regulations, especially in relation to the activities of corporate actions and disclosure of information to all stakeholders of the company.

In line with its strategic role importance of the Corporate Secretary function combined with the demands of the business environment of Indonesia and the development of the globalization of business and investment, the implementation of the Corporate Secretary functions and roles, in promoting good corporate governance, both nationally and globally, are becoming more critical. This is where ICSA can contribute.

In 2012, ICSA will finalize its corporate secretary's handbook that can be usefull for corporate secretaries, students, teacher and trainers. ICSA will also expand its membership this year to college student, so the industry can have corporate secretary candidates in the future.

This is one of the major challenges of ICSA. ICSA membership has reached 160 members coming from the Private and Public Enterprises. This number will continue to grow in line with the ICSA program.

Governing structure and no. of members registered

As on April 2012, our registered members are 160 Members (from 148 Public Company). Indonesia Public Companies now are 451 companies.

Vision & Mission


To make the Indonesian Corporate Secretary profession as the spearhead of the company implementing good governance with respect to "Global Best Practice" that became driving force of good corporate governance in Indonesia.


Constantly developing professionalism to support the creation of good corporate governance, effective management and proactively participate in support of national development, therefore giving added value to all stakeholders.

CEO and the Head of the Institute

Hardijanto Saroso, Chairman

Jenny Kuistiona, Vice Chairman of Institutional Communication

Imawati Amran, Vice Chairman of Organisation and Development

Numaria Sarosa, Vice Chairman of Education and Certification

Inge Setiawati, Vice Chairman of Regulatory and Compliance

Rosihan Saad, Vice Chairman of Cooperation and Development

Katherine Grace, Secretary

Theresia R, Treasurer

Indonesia Corporate Secretary Association, SCTV Tower Lt 18, Senayan City, Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19, Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

+62-21 27935599 ext 7520
Fax: +62-21 27935598

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