Corporate secretaries and governance professionals from around the globe listened in as Corporate Secretaries International Association launched a new publication, "Shareholder Engagement: Practical Steps for Corporate Secretaries", in a webinar co-hosted and sponsored by Computershare on 17 April, 2015.

Katherine Combs, CSIA President and Paul Conn, Computershare's President, Global Capital Markets, led a two part panel discussion that was webcast to nearly 500 registrants from around the Globe.  

Listen: Shareholder Engagement, Global Perspectives and Trends

View:  Shareholder Engagement Panel Explores Global Differences in Practices

View:  Global Variations on Shareholder Engagement Practices

Part One: Global Shareholder Engagement
As the only organization representing the corporate point of view on global governance issues, the CSIA will introduce their Shareholder Engagement Position Statement and Practices for the Corporate Secretary. Addressing the topic of shareholder engagement for the first time on the global stage, this panel will address the significant role the corporate secretary plays in communications between investors and corporations.

Part Two: Encouraging and Engaging Retail Voters
Hear from issuers and industry consultants about their views on retail voting and shareholder meetings. In addition, they’ll discuss their views on the efficiency of modern technologies in the proxy voting process.

April Chan
Past President of CSIA and of the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries; Currently Company Secretary of CLP Holdings Ltd

Ty Francis
Vice President and Publisher

Chris Hayden
Senior Managing Director, Georgeson

Theresa Molloy
Director, Governance, Prudential Financial

Michael Rossen
Director, Global Center for Corporate Governance, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

Darla Stuckey
President and CEO, Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals

Peter Turnbull
Past President of CSIA and Governance Institute of Australia and professional non-executive director

Carina Wessels
Past President of CSIA and of the Chartered Secretaries of Southern Africa, Group Company Secretary of Exxaro Resources Limited

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