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The Society for Corporate Governance, Inc.

The Society for Corporate Governance, Inc. (the "Society") has been the voice of corporate secretaries in the United States since it was founded in 1946. The Society functions in large part through the contributions in time and effort of its members, including through participation in national committees and the activities of 21 local chapters.

The Society comments regularly on proposed and existing rules and regulations of governmental agencies and other bodies, and occasionally on legislative matters in areas of particular interest to members. It also promotes and assists in the exchange of information and experience relating to the duties, problems, and practices of corporate secretaries and their companies through the Society's committees, chapters, publications and research, and its seminars and conferences.

Registered Members

At present Society for Corporate Governance, Inc. has 3,091 Registered Members


Dannette L. Smith, Chairman of the Board

Darla C. Stuckey, President and Chief Executive Officer

Shelley J. Dropkin, Chairman-Elect

Suzanne Walker, Senior Vice President

Teresa Webb, Vice President

Curt A. Kramer, Secretary

Rhonda Brauer, Treasurer

Christopher M. Abundis, Assistant Secretary

Gina Merritt-Epps, Assistant Secretary

Stacy Ingram, Assistant Secretary

Marla Zwas, Assistant Secretary

Barbara E. Mathews, Assistant Treasurer

Laurene H. Horiszny, Compliance Officer

The Society for Corporate Governance, Inc., 240 West 35th Street, Suite 400, New York, NY 10001, USA

Tel: +1 212.681.2000
Fax: +1 212.681.2005

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