The Corporate Secretaries International Association (CSIA) is an association constituted according to article 60 et seq, of the Swiss Civil Code and entered into the commercial register in Switzerland.  In 2017, CSIA was relocated to Hong Kong in which it operates as a company limited by guarantee. 

All CSIA members share a common interest in the promotion of good governance practices and enhancing the profile of the professionals who serve as corporate secretaries and governance professionals. CSIA is also actively engaged in creating a global professional association enabling industry professionals globally to work more effective together to shape corporate governance and develop unified best practice.

Vision Statement

To be the Global Voice of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals.

Mission Statement

To create a global profession that develops, grows and promotes best practice in corporate secretarial, corporate governance and compliance services by improving professional standards, the quality of governance practice and organizational performance.

Strategic Goals

·    Reputation - To establish CSIA as the authority on corporate secretarial, corporate governance and create a global professional organisation

·    Growth - To grow a community of corporate secretaries and governance professionals to expand our influence

·    Advocacy - To promote best practice in corporate secretarial, corporate governance and compliance services


·    To promote throughout the world the professional status of suitably qualified chartered secretaries, corporate secretaries, company secretaries, certified secretaries, board secretaries, governance professionals and other professionals with similar specialist governance qualities or skills to the public, government, regulators, the business community and international organisations

·    To raise awareness and visibility of secretaryship and its Practitioners and to actively promote these in terms of recognition, influence and respect to national governments and their supplementary/sponsored organisations, international organisations and the global business community.

·    To establish and maintain throughout the world good relations and exchanges between organisations dedicated to the promotion and practice of secretaryship and/or the promotion of good governance which will enable and encourage the establishment of common aims and objectives to be pursued by chartered secretaries, corporate secretaries, company secretaries, board secretaries, governance professionals or similar other professionals who are Practitioners as defined in Article 3(1).

·    To assist such organisations throughout the world to develop and improve their services and professionalism of their members.

·    To assist in the creation of such organisations in countries or regions in which they do not currently exist.

·    To promote the growth, development, study and practice of secretaryship

·    To promote and recommend uniformity in governance standards.

·    To promote and actively support good governance

·    To promote and carry out research into good governance and secretaryship practices


Subject to any directions that may be given by its Council, CSIA is managed by the Executive Committee consisting of the honorary members (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer as elected from the member bodies), immediate past presidents, co-opted members and representatives of each national member organisation.

The Council is the supreme authority and has the general supervision and control of the affairs of the association.

The Council then elects an Executive Committee to manage the operational aspects of running the federation.


CSIA articles of association can be viewed here.

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