2nd CSIA International Conference, New Delhi

With a focus on Corporate Governance for Sustaining Prosperity and Posterity, the second CSIA International Conference, held in New Delhi on 5-6 April was an enormous success.  

Corporates are the modern engines of growth and development. They need to be governed in harmony with nature while balancing the interests of various stakeholders. Their governance holds the key to sustain prosperity of the society and the economy as well as the posterity on the earth. The corporate secretaries, being the in-house governance professionals, have a bounden duty to promote and nurture governance standards in the corporates. The challenges are many. This conference addressed some of the challenges and the way forward.

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1st CSIA International Conference, Shanghai, China

Corporate Secretaries International Association hosted their 1st International Corporate Governance Conference entitled Sustainable Corporate Governance – Towards a Global Model? in Shanghai on 21-23 September 2011.

Topics covered at the Conference included:
  • Western Corporate Governance Practices – the Role Model?
  • Non-Western Corporate Governance Practices – the Emerging Model?
  • Towards a Sustainable Global Model?


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