Private Sector Opinion: The modern role of the corporate secretary

09 Jan 2014 3:10 PM | CSIA (Administrator)

Although much has been written on the traditional role and key responsibilities of a corporate secretary, this is probably no longer sufficient to fully prepare an individual for the enormous task undertaken. The role of the modern corporate secretary has changed and this is both undisputed and understated. The corporate secretary’s role has rapidly evolved in many markets to well beyond what it was a decade ago, let alone five years ago, and is a role increasingly recognised as an important part of the corporate governance framework in many markets where the role was not known some years ago. This paper looks at some of the aspects of the role of the modern company secretary and the competencies that are required to succeed.

This precedes our upcoming toolkit for Corporate Secretaries which was launched in Hong Kong at a joint ceremony with our partner, Corporate Secretaries International Association [CSIA], hosted by the Hong Kong Institute of Company Secretaries [HKICSA] in April this year.

Additional copies can be obtained on request or downloaded from:

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